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Digital market : online marketplaces, selling online, ecommerce platform. (13/11/2021)
Revew or learn these words : Currency : money, legal tender, cash, change, coin. Wealth : (13/11/2021)
The Central Bank Digital Currency, the eNaira at the State House, Abuja, on Monday (13/11/2021)
What is investment ? In economy we use the most important notions as production, distribution (08/11/2021)
What is economiy? An economy means "eco" or "house, family area, house, household" and "nomos" (07/11/2021)
Missions on Mars : The China’s Zhurong Mars Rover China lands its Zhurong rover on (14/06/2021)
The first country in the world to adopt crypto El Savador approves Bitcoin as official (14/06/2021)